Architectural photography

Fotografia di architettura di interni e esterni, Milano. Foto copyright Giuseppe Macor

Giuseppe Macor photographic studio offers indoor and outdoor architectural photography services, satisfying the requests of a particularly demanding clientele:

  • Architectural firms
  • Real estate agencies
  • Professional offices, law firms, medical offices
  • Trade show booths
  • Associations, cooperatives
  • Private schools
  • Hotels
  • Home holidays, apart hotels
  • Travel websites
  • Advertising on booking and reviews websites
  • Restaurants and lounge bar
  • Luxury boutiques
  • Showrooms
  • Shops

Our services are available in Lombardy, surrounding regions and Switzerland.

Photographic studio by Giuseppe Macor
Vespri Siciliani st. 12, 20146 Milan, Italy

We are outside Area C - ZTL Milano Centro